A Certain Romance























A Certain Romance


Lace, wood, nylon string and table lamp
3m x 3m x 3m

An investigation into ignorance, inert behaviour, aspiration, social interaction and
a home’s capability to transcend.

A Certain Romance is my first step toward building an array of slowly waltzing lace
buildings, through the use of mechanical and electronic means.

One watches this building from a gauzy perimeter as it too, looks out at you.
Wondering, if you both might be the same. If one dreams the same dreams, leads
a comparable life. Are you cut from the same cloth? Does a semi dance the same
dance as the high-rise? Would a terrace choose a tango?

You circumnavigate this building, moving in the same box waltz manner contemplating
on it before being allowed via a small opening to come face to face not only with it
(another) but yourself and an idea of oneself, an entity that is you.

A building within a building with the ephemeral clutter of the home being disposed
of leaves just you and I facing one another in close proximity, touching distance.

Perhaps, after venturing to learn the correct steps, we may even waltz together.


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